“K” LINE (Deutschland) GmbH
“K” LINE (Deutschland) GmbH

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    • For more than 20 years, “K” Line has been operating dedicated services in the Atlantic region.
      Our Regional headquarters is located in Hamburg, Germany. The Regional European Headquarters are responsible for the commercial activities in Car Carrier Business in all European countries and are responsible for the trade operations for the services operated from Europe to North America, Asia and South Africa.
      Since 1996, “K” Line has continuously managed to increase its foot-print within the transatlantic region and have become an inherent part of the supply chain of many OEMs from the car, construction and agricultural segment.
      By employing modern state-of-the-art vessels in the Atlantic, “K” Line provides the largest and most diversified RoRo-network connecting the major production sites and markets for our customers.
      In the segment of High & Heavy, breakbulk and project cargoes, “K” Line has made significant contributions to expedite the company’s transformation from a pure car carrier to a project and H&H specialist with tailor-made solutions for the most difficult cargoes available in the market.