• Company Profile
    • “K” LINE has been running Ro-Ro transportation business in Brazil for more than 20 years.
      In 2009, with the growing demand of vehicle transportation between Brazil and Argentina, KRBB (K Line RoRo & Bulk Agência Marítima (Brasil) Ltda.), one of “K” LINE’s affiliated companies, was established to provide regional customers with quick solutions, service proposals and good communication.
      In 2013, KRBB entered into a partnership with the local shipping company Log In Navegação Ltda to strengthen its business fundamentals in Mercosul coastal waters.
  • NEXUS (KBR logistic company)
    • Nexus (Nexus Gerenciamento de Pátios Ltda.) is a joint venture of “K” Line and Orion (Operador Portuário) established in 2018.
      Orion is a local terminal operator that has more than 30 years experience in handling vehicles at terminals mainly in Brazil.
      With the synergy of these two professional companies in different fields, we can provide you with extensive logistics services such as yard management, PDI service, plant compound management and any other related service for automotive logistics with full visibility throughout the logistic chain.