can “K” LINE Transport?

can “K” LINE Transport?

can “K” LINE 


Nov. 20, 2023
Commencement of Operation of New Logistics Facilities for Finished Vehicles in Indonesia
Nov. 20, 2023
JAPEX, JGC HD, and “K” LINE Sign a Key Principles Agreement with PETRONAS for the maturation and development of the CCS Project in Malaysia
Nov. 14, 2023
“K” LINE and KEPCO Sign Service Agreement on Development of Liquefied CO2 Carrier Design for CCS Value Chain
Nov. 13, 2023
Car Carrier Business: Resuming Global Conference in Person
Oct. 17, 2023
The 1st overseas regional sub-committee of DRIVE GREEN NETWORK
Oct. 16, 2023
Conduct Emergency Response Exercise
Sep. 29, 2023
Publication of FACTBOOK 2023
Sep. 26, 2023
Three Japanese Shipping Companies Partner to Establish Global Liquefied Hydrogen Supply Chain
Sep. 25, 2023
Acquisition of Third-Party Certification for CO2 Reduction Using Marine Biofuels andCompletion of a Certificate Issuance System
Sep. 7, 2023
MOU for Feasibility Study to Establish a Japan-Australia CCS Value Chain
Aug. 28, 2023
MoU Signed with NAVTOR A.S. on Fleet Monitoring and Support System
Aug. 2, 2023
Financial Highlights for 1st Quarter FY2023
Aug. 2, 2023
Financial Highlights for 1st Quarter FY2023 were released.
Jul. 21, 2023
“K” LINE selected as a Constituent of FTSE4Good Index Series, FTSE Blossom Japan Index and FTSE Blossom Sector Relative Index
Jul. 21, 2023
Participating in the Second Stage of the Nippon Foundation MEGURI2040
Jul. 18, 2023
Worldwide Cleanup Activities conforming with World Oceans Day
Jun. 22, 2023
Demonstrative Test Voyage of a Tugboat Using Marine Biodiesel Fuel at Nagoya Port-Efforts Toward Decarbonization-
Jun. 19, 2023
Agreed on Joint Evaluation with JFE Steel Corporation to Establish CCS Value Chain Originated from Japan Aligned with CCS Study in Malaysia
Jun. 16, 2023
Establishment of K LINE MARINE & ENERGY PTE. LTD.
Jun. 15, 2023
“K” LINE Joins Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's "GX League"
Jun. 15, 2023
“K” Line Holds Environmental Awards 2023 Ceremony
Jun. 12, 2023
Receipt of Gold Award in the 44th 2023 Japan BtoB Advertising Awards
May. 30, 2023
Joint Research Agreement Signed for Next-Generation (Floating Axis) Small-scale Offshore Wind Turbine Demonstration Project
May. 9, 2023
[Updated] Financial Highlights for FY2022
May. 8, 2023
Financial Highlights Brief Report for Fiscal Year 2022
Apr. 26, 2023
“K” Line Maritime Academy Obtains New Certification from ClassNK for Ship Handling Simulator Training
Apr. 14, 2023
“K” LINE Participates in a Consortium to Study the Offloading of Liquefied CO2from Shipboard CO2 Capturing Systems
Apr. 5, 2023
Introduction movie of “WIND EXPO 2023 Spring”
Mar. 31, 2023
“K” LINE Chile Holds 50th Anniversary Ceremony
Mar. 28, 2023
NEDO Demonstration Project: Demonstration Test Ship for Liquefied CO2 Transportation has been Launched.
Mar. 24, 2023
Introduction movie of “Navigation Support System”~Autonomous Ship with Safe and Intelligent Supporting Technology~
Mar. 23, 2023
“Seawing” Automated Kite System to be Installedon CORONA CITRUS, a Coal Carrier for Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.
Mar. 17, 2023
“K” LINE Awarded CDP’ s “Supplier Engagement Leader” 
Mar. 3, 2023
Publication of ESG DATA BOOK 2022
Feb. 28, 2023
Publication of FACTBOOK 2022(Interim Updated)
Feb. 22, 2023
“K” LINE Conducts Trial Use of Marine Biofuel on Capesize Bulker to Help Decarbonize the Shipping Industry
Feb. 17, 2023
“K” Line Group Exhibits at Wind Expo 2023
Feb. 13, 2023
The Signing Ceremony of Long-Term Contracts for Two Liquefied CO2 Carriersbetween “K” LINE and Northern Lights JV DA~World’s first full scale CCS project~
Feb. 9, 2023
Disaster Relief for Victims of Earthquake in Turkey and Syria
Feb. 6, 2023
“K” LINE Posted CEO Message as CDP2022 “A List” Company
Jan. 19, 2023
“K” LINE and KEPCO Signed MoU on the Joint Study of Liquefied CO2 Shipping for Developing CCS Value Chain
Jan. 5, 2023
Agreement for Research and Development of the “Safe Berthing/Unberthing Assist System”~To improve safe ship operation and realize autonomous ships in the future~
Jan. 4, 2023
2023 New Year Message from the President "As we enter a new stage, we shall each blaze new trails and build great momentum together"
Dec. 26, 2022
Yokohama Daikoku C-4 Terminal Launch Operation of the Yard Management System
Dec. 19, 2022
“K” LINE enters into long-term contracts with Northern Lights for two liquefied CO2 vessels ~World’s first full scale CCS project~
Dec. 14, 2022
“K” LINE Selected for the 7th consecutive year on the "A List", the highest rating in the CDP "Climate Change"
Dec. 12, 2022
“K” LINE Listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index,a Leading Index for ESG Investing for 12 consecutive years
Nov. 28, 2022
Ammonia Fueled Bulk Carrier Obtained AiP from Classification Society ClassNK
Nov. 15, 2022
Land Transport of Electric Vehicles for G20 in Bali, Indonesia
Oct. 17, 2022
Publication of FACTBOOK 2022
Oct. 7, 2022
NEDO Demonstration Project: Demonstration Test Ship for Liquefied CO2 Transportation has broken ground.
Sep. 8, 2022
“Beecle” a next-generation onboard service cart, began trial on car carriers
Sep. 6, 2022
Introduction movie of “Seawing”~An automated kite system harnessing natural wind power for GHG reduction~
Aug. 26, 2022
“K” LINE Conducts Trial Use of Marine Biofuel for Decarbonization on Supramax Bulker
Aug. 9, 2022
“K” LINE selected as a Constituent of FTSE4Good Index Series and FTSE Blossom Japan Index
Jul. 29, 2022
JGC CORPORATION and Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. Joins CCS Study in Malaysia ~ Aiming for joint contribution to CO2 reduction in Malaysia and Asia by three Japanese companies ~
Jul. 25, 2022
The World’s First CO2 Capture Plant on Vessel “CC-OCEAN” Project Wins Marine Engineering of the Year 2021
Jul. 25, 2022
“K” LINE “CENTURY HIGHWAY GREEN” Wins Large Cargo Ship Sector Award of “Ship of the Year 2021”
Jul. 20, 2022
Signing of Additional Purchase Agreement and Technology Development Agreement for Automatic Kite Systems
May. 19, 2022
“K” LINE Group’s Yokohama Daikoku C-4 Terminal Starts Operation Utilizing Renewable Energy
Apr. 11, 2022
“K” LINE Selected as a Constituent of FTSE Blossom Japan Sector Relative Index
Apr. 9, 2022
HySTRA celebrates completion of world’s first liquefied hydrogen vessel voyage in Japan
Apr. 6, 2022
“K” LINE’s Participation in Joint Study to Explore Ammonia as Marine Fuel in Singapore
Mar. 31, 2022
“K” LINE Group Opened Booth at Wind Expo 2022 Spring in Tokyo
Mar. 15, 2022
Publication of ESG DATA BOOK 2021
Mar. 7, 2022
Publication of FACTBOOK 2021(Updated)
Feb. 21, 2022
“K” LINE Group Open its First Finished-Vehicle Terminal Operation in Japan
Feb. 10, 2022
“K” LINE Awarded CDP’ s“Supplier Engagement Leaderboard”
Feb. 2, 2022
“K” LINE has Joined an International Think Tank“Global CCS Institute” ~Promoting the development of CCS-related businesses to realize a carbon-neutral society~
Feb. 2, 2022
NEDO Demonstration Project: The World's First Demonstration Test Ship for Liquefied CO2 Transportation to be Buil
Jan. 21, 2022
Joint project on “Mass-production and Cost Reduction of Floating Offshore Wind Installation” adopted as Green Innovation Fund
Jan. 20, 2022
Posted Message for CDP2021 “A List” Award~Earning Highest Rating “A” for Six Consecutive Years~
Dec. 8, 2021
“K” LINE Awarded CDP’ s “A List 2021” on Climate Change
Dec. 8, 2021
Joint Approval in Principle (AIP) for New Concept Design of Ammonia Fueled Car Carrier
Dec. 6, 2021
“K” LINE Obtains VSPS Regarding Australian Quarantine for Car Carrier
Dec. 3, 2021
Field Trial Utilizing IoT Devise of Lashing Materials Control for High & Heavy Cargo in Car Carrier Business
Dec. 2, 2021
“K” LINE Conducts Trial Use of Marine Biofuel for Decarbonization on Car Carrier
Nov. 24, 2021
Publication of “K” LINE REPORT 2021
Nov. 16, 2021
“K” Line Listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index, a Leading Index for ESG Investing for 11 consecutive years
Nov. 4, 2021
The Challenge of Achieving Net-Zero GHG Emissions ~Revision of 2050 Targets for “K” Line Environmental Vision 2050~
Oct. 28, 2021
“K” LINE and IBM Japan, Field Trial Utilizing IoT and AI Conducted to Improve Safety and Quality of Car Carrier Cargo Handling
Oct. 26, 2021
Joint project on “Development of Ammonia-fueled ship” adopted as Green Innovation Fund
Oct. 20, 2021
“K” LINE successfully separated and captured CO2 from exhaust gas in World’s First CO2 Capture Plant on Vessel
Oct. 4, 2021
Joint Research on Marine Plastic Waste Launched with Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
Sep. 24, 2021
Publication of FACTBOOK 2021